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In the year 2010, on the little island of Jamaica, a German man met a Canadian woman. Little did they know that this romantic interest would eventually start the long journey of the creation of SUP Affairs North America.

It all started in 2016, when the man got involved with the founder of SUP Affairs, Jörg Wieland. Together they launched the online shop, where SUP Affairs made its debut. With hard work and dedication between the two, I watched SUP Affairs blossom as a company. My name is Murena Stark and I am the “Canadian woman” and director of SUP Affairs North America.

Travelling with my partner, for the past 7 years, all over Europe and North America, I started to notice the interest in SUP boards of all kinds. As the SUP trend grew, we found ourselves getting more and more involved. Testing different boards on different lakes and oceans all over, I quickly saw a difference in quality and that there wasn't very many custom boards to choose from. For example, at SUP Affairs North America, we have four boards, “The Water Cruiser”, “The Wave Catcher”, “The Inner Peace” and “The Sense of Adventure”. This gives the customer variety and the ability to explore their specific niche out on the open waters.

The more I found out about the fantastic qualities of SUP Affairs, the more I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Seeing the other board brands in different countries, I knew there was no other board like ours. Providing a premium, high quality, and drop stitch core board and one that was made after a Korean prototype, we decided to test it on rough ocean waters in Croatia. Slamming up on jagged rocks, the board was unharmed. I also tested the yoga board, on the ocean, for hand stand stability and it passed with flying colours. Normally, most SUP boards only get as high as 18 PSI but our board can hold up to 25 PSI.

Witnessing these qualities for myself, I became over joyed and wanted to share these amazing boards with everyone. I developed a strong passion for SUP Affairs because I knew it was something I could support with a good feeling. Testing and seeing the quality with my own eyes gives me the security to promote this product with my name. For me SUP Affairs is about providing a lifestyle for a variety of people who want to connect with nature, while still being able to have fun. No one should have to worry about the quality of the board. That is the job of the company.

Being Canadian, I knew I had a huge opportunity in which to bring SUP Affairs over to North America, so I jumped on it.


Sustainability and fairness are in harmony with nature. We aim to use environmentally friendly and social alternatives whenever possible. Especially because of our love for outdoor activities, we are aware of the beauty and the protection of our nature and our social responsibility.
For this reason, we work together with the manufacturers who have long set strict principles for the manufacture of their goods and regularly check on their compliance on site. We do not want to support child or forced labor!
Good working conditions of employees such as valid employment contracts, living wages and adequate working hours are important to us!

Sup Affairs North America - Social Responsibility


In addition, we largely refrain from using plastic to protect our oceans. More than 6.4 million tons of waste goes into our oceans every year, about 75 percent of which is plastic (UNEP) - a scary number!

Wir vermeiden Plastik zum Schutz der Weltmeere

Customer Satisfaction 

Our number one focus is customer satisfaction! Our goal is that every client is happy with their board and that each board provides endless amounts of fun for years to come. For this reason, we provide a free opportunity for anyone to visit our pavilion at any one of our SUP events to test out which board perfectly fits your needs. For any questions we are always at your disposal not only by phone but also by mail or Facebook.


Development of our Board

Development of our boards
Our product range currently includes boards that are specialized in differentiated conditions such as surfing, waves, touring, all-round , yoga and their extensive SUP accessories.

The development of the boards and the accessories are personally guided by us and is characterized by the improvement of previous techniques. For example, we use technology that is typically applied in lifeboats which provides security and stability. This type of high durability board provides such a strong material that it is nearly indestructible once inflated. You could drive a car over it!
Some of our other characteristic are influenced by the surfer industry allowing us to accentuate your experience. In addition, we are busy with the frame of our SUP boards. Tipping stability, directional stability and speed are the main features that we have developed with the help of flowboard stimulator. Rounding out our boards with clean lines and rich colours within a complementary contrast. To give you the best possible experience and optimal use, we test newly developed boards in advance because our employees are also enthusiastic stand up paddlers and surfers.

Supplying a 1 year warranty on our quality boards will assure you the confidence of your purchase for years to come.

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