Fiberglass SUP Paddle

Fiberglass SUP Paddle

Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

Are you looking for the ultimate quality, high performance SUP paddle?

Then look no further as this Japenese carbon extreme paddle is the perfect choice for you!

Perfect for a light weight racing paddle or an adventureous hike up a mountain to that picturesque lake you always heard about. Let yourself be inspired with this paddle, ideas are simply endless.

  • easy vario system height adjustability
  • 3 piece dismantal
  • extremely light weight, floats
  • 10x stronger than steel & durability that lasts a lifetime
  • SUP Affairs logo on paddle face
  • labeled handle: "Paradise is just a paddle away"
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Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle
Carbon Fiber SUP paddle 3 piece
Carbon Fiber SUP paddle 3 piece Carbon Fiber SUP paddle blade Carbon Fiber SUP paddle handle

Some of the qualities of this paddle are:

The highest performance blade transfering your power through the water more efficiently than other paddles. Whether it's fun or performance you're looking for this blade will gain you distance faster with fewer strokes making you less fatigued. The shaft has length details for perfect height adjustments everytime, for everyone. The simple anti twist vario system features a single-notch for perfect handle to blade alignment. It also breaks down into three pieces for easy storage and transportation. A hydroseal ensures the exterior creating a watertight seal that enhances buoyancy. Our 100% carbon fiber construction offers great quality and craftmanship backed by an amazingly affordable price.

Fun facts about Carbon fiber:

  • it has a high temperature tolerance
  • it has a low thermal expansion
  • high corrosion resistance
  • 10x stronger and 5x lighter than steel
  • 8x stronger and 1.5x lighter than aluminum
  • 3 pieces 
  • vario system for easy height adjustment
  • length details on handle
  • SUP Affairs logo on paddle face
  • Labeled handle: "Paradise is just a paddle away"
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